Internationally Renowned Artist ‘Ce’

Internationally renowned artist ‘Ce’ is the former assistant to Queen Elizabeth II’s Scribe and Illuminator. The granddaughter of landscape artist T.D. Fish and the ex wife of the World’s Leading Heraldic Artist Andrew Stewart Jamieson. In 2018 Ce left Scotland, established a base in Italy, moved out of the field of heraldry and returned to her roots in abstract art. The Artist credits British Artist Bob Jamieson’s advice during her early years in Britain for her success in England, Wales and Scotland. When asked what country she considers home in an interview by Manorial Style Magazine Ce stated, “I’m a global citizen, the world is my home and everyone family”.

Excerpt from Ce’s interview with Lord and Lady Magazine

In 2019 a new style emerged from Studio Ce Italy which Ce simply referred to as, ‘My Heart’s Voice’. Of this new work the Artist stated, “I fought the figures for many months desiring to create a series of pure abstract paintings. I did not want viewers to project their experiences, memories, opinions or ideas onto the work. Imagery triggers such and the message is lost as the viewer’s mind ignites memories of personal experiences. Thus the artist’s voice is silenced and the work misinterpreted. And I did not seek to make the viewer feel an emotion of my choice as in the case of Rothko. I wanted the work to come straight from the heart. And for that I knew I must strive for purity, honesty and authenticity. True artists are always rebels of which I very much am. This trait as ever set me free to fly. I pushed through abstraction and went beyond figurative. Finally stepping back from the canvas for a rest I suddenly realised, I had entered into a new realm. Shattering the wall of what I knew to be true of art and somewhat timidly venturing into the unknown I gained more and more confidence with each stroke. The goal was to open my soul up fully in order to pour the suffering and joy love had brought me out onto the canvas. What matters most to me is love and all that has to do with love. Nothing can bring such peace when it is present or sorrow when lost. Love has the power to heal and restore. And it is the only power that can transcend all darkness. With that said, I must return to the figures. They simply appeared naturally and effortlessly in each painting. They had a story to tell and not even I could stop them. Surprisingly my intense quest for a deeper understanding of love brought with it an unexpected gift which I never imagined would be bestowed upon my studio. I had created a new style of art. And as Studio Ce struggles to put a catchy name to it for marketing purposes I continue to paint each day in hopes to improve upon it.”


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