‘The Falconer’s Lure’ named, ‘Best of 2020’

In looking back over the paintings created in 2020 one stands out. ‘The Falconer’s Lure’ is the best painting of my career to date. The king of all signed, ‘Ce’ paintings. A constant source of inspiration watching over my efforts and challenging me to surpass it. Yet, thus far I have failed to do so. Created in one of those rare moments where creativity, inspiration, and skill all came together in perfect harmony. These moments are fleeting therefore extremely appreciated when they occur. The paintings created in the midst of their magic are well remembered and will forever reign supreme in the studio archive.

2021 Copyright Ce Jamieson International

Painting Archive

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A Man of Noble Stature

An Honest Man

Flying into the Storm – Battling the Eagles


People Pleaser No

My Last Boyfriend – How he did my head in

My Life in Italy Series – Procession of Nuns

The Blue Angel

Something Pink

The Players Heart

Tangled up in Blue No. 2

Glastonbury Moon

Under the Hudson

Christina’s Sorrow


Intercession – Dispatching the Angels

2020 Copyright Ce Jamieson International